Timbercraft is selling gooseneck tiny home trailers! Call for a quote 256-558-8410

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Our most popular tiny home trailers are the gooseneck models. We can build them up to 40′ long. Call us to discuss your tiny home project. gooseneck-tiny-home-on-wheels

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  • Madeline Nelson

    Hello! I am interested in buying a Timbercraft gooseneck trailer for my tiny house build. I am currently creating a plan for a 24′ + 6′ design based on the Denali, and would appreciate any information you can give me about deck height, “deck-on-the-neck” geometry, steel members used and fender size and location. I live in Austin, TX and realize I will have to pay a premium to have a trailer delivered, but I’d like to purchase my foundation from a company with experience and proven quality.

    Thank you for your time.

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