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So honored to be featured in Home Refinery. Our Retreat took the number one spot!

What Are Tiny Houses?

Tiny houses come in many shapes, though typically in similar sizes—tiny! These types of homes may be mobile homes, crate homes, tree-houses, or just simply ‘small’ traditionally-built homes complete with concrete foundations. What makes a tiny home characteristic of the sweeping trend in home design, is the often the overabundance of style afforded to even the smallest of detail. Where a ‘mobile home’ might be a simple prefab design with the bare essentials—a ‘tiny home’ would come with rich oak flooring, designer lighting, satin nickel hardware, and look similar to what one might see in a furniture showroom. Simply put, the most striking difference between ‘tiny homes’ and ‘small houses’ is the style in which they are conceived. To help further illustrate what makes a tiny house, we’ve rounded up 10 of the best tiny house designs out there!

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  • Donna Ellison

    I went into one of these that was in SC and I loved it. It seemed big enough to me when I went inside. It had everything I want in a home, just not all the work to keep it tidy and clean. I have MS and I want the comfort of a home without the hardship of keep up our larger home we now have. These are great and I love the way you don’t miss any storage, smart mind!!

  • Rick

    Hi, nice build. I saw a unit on Youtube (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gZ5PI-DxXBk) that wasn’t shown on your website. Is this customization available? Do you have any specs on this unit? Lastly a ball park price? thank you.

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