Custom Home Magazine: Timbercraft one of the 50 best tiny home builders

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The Best Tiny Home Builders in all 50 States

The tiny home movement has taken off significantly in the last decade. At 500 or less square feet, tiny home living allows individuals and families to save money, live more environmentally friendly, and simplify their life. With the rising popularity of tiny homes, including television shows and tiny home villages sprouting up around the country, it is no surprise that there are more incredibly tiny home builders around the country than ever before.

We researched extensively to create this list of the best tiny home builders in each state. Some states, like Oregon, Colorado, and Tennessee have significantly more options than others. This has to do with a combination of local laws embracing tiny home living, a landscape that lends itself to exploring the great outdoors, and a population eager to live with more freedom. But keep in mind that you don’t have to be limited by geography when choosing a tiny home builder – many of those on this list will ship anywhere in the US and even Canada.

The tiny home builders included in this list cover nearly anything you could be looking for. Although many builders offer pre-made models, just as many will personalize or completely custom design and build a home suited to your needs. The builders on this home create everything from mobile to stationary homes, those specialized in off-the-grid living and green building techniques, homes built specifically for the physically handicapped, to super luxurious homes, rustic hunting cabins, funky urban caravans, and more.

Timbercraft Tiny Homes

Phone Number: (256) 558-8410 | Website

Timbercraft Tiny Homes of Guntersville are tiny home builders advocating minimalist living and sustainability. Owned and operated by Doug Schroeder, their luxury tiny homes on wheels are high-quality and affordable. In addition to the four models listed on their website, Timbercraft Tiny Homes will brainstorm with clients and research products and materials to design a completely custom home. Many green features are available, such as solar panels and a composting toilet, to allow you to build a completely off the grid home. Their models include the impressively creative Retreat, which is a towable home suitable for six people.

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