Featured appliance- The Summit 27″ french door refrigerator, available in Denali XL

27″ Wide French Door Refrigerator-Freezer ENERGY STAR certified for an efficient performance, with a unique 27″ footprint to bring full capacity to smaller kitchens OVERVIEW Uniquely sized with a 27″ footprint ENERGY STAR certified to help save on energy bills and maximize efficiency Digital temperature controls for both the refrigerator and freezer section Two [...]


Tiny living capitals of America (according to Instagram)

Off-the-grid capitals of America (according to Instagram) by HomeAdvisor More and more Americans are living off-grid. Energized by the climate crisis, increasing surveillance or idealism for a better way of life, they’re throwing off the shackles of mainstream society. And they’re each doing it in their own way. Here’s a look at the major trends within […]


Timbercraft cabinets raise the bar on tiny homes-

Timbercraft tiny homes come with custom cabinets that are handcrafted to the highest level of quality. Features like dovetail drawers, soft close hardware, custom colors, glass inserts and more make them perfect for tiny spaces. The Denali kitchen includes custom lower cabinets with shiplap siding on the bar, custom uppers with glass inserts, pantry cabinet, […]


These treehouse tiny homes were inspired by Sesame Street and Minions

Tiny homes are fashionable right now, but the Bert modular home isn’t like other tiny homes on the market. In general, they tend to have minimalist, sleek looks, but this treehouse is oddly-shaped and almost whimsical. Bert homes are “shaped by playfulness and invite people to experience architecture and nature through the eyes of children,” according to the […]


An Adorable Festival With The Smallest Tiny Homes Is Coming To St. Pete This Spring

The tiny living movement seems to be one of the fastest-growing housing trends in the US right now. The popularity of tiny homes probably lies in the fact that they represent precisely the life we dream of: one that is simple, with freedoms, and have less of an impact on the environment. Also, let’s admit […]

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