These treehouse tiny homes were inspired by Sesame Street and Minions

Tiny homes are fashionable right now, but the Bert modular home isn’t like other tiny homes on the market. In general, they tend to have minimalist, sleek looks, but this treehouse is oddly-shaped and almost whimsical. Bert homes are “shaped by playfulness and invite people to experience architecture and nature through the eyes of children,” according to the […]

An Adorable Festival With The Smallest Tiny Homes Is Coming To St. Pete This Spring

The tiny living movement seems to be one of the fastest-growing housing trends in the US right now. The popularity of tiny homes probably lies in the fact that they represent precisely the life we dream of: one that is simple, with freedoms, and have less of an impact on the environment. Also, let’s admit […]

Dwell: 7 Companies Building Tiny Homes That Fit the Whole Family

Timbercraft Tiny Homes was featured in Dwell! Dwell Media is an inspiration and collaborative platform for architects, designers, and enthusiasts to share and discover inspiring design. By Marissa Hermanson   These tiny home companies are designing small spaces that can house as many as eight people. Tiny homes aren’t just for one or two people. These […]


  WHY BUILDING TINY HOMES WITH TIMBER MAKES SENSE – AN INTERNATIONAL TREND September 12, 2019 Building Poles, Design, Eco-Friendly   Building Tiny Homes with Timber   On lawns all around the world tiny houses are making an appearance. It’s a movement that has taken the world by storm! Providing an alternative to traditional home ownership, tiny […]

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