Integrity, craftsmanship and care are the words that come to mind when talking to people about Timbercraft Tiny homes. Brad and I searched for five years for our travel home. After attending numerous RV shows, walking through RV lots across the southeast, visiting tiny home manufacturers across the United States and countless hours of YouTube surfing ( about 5 years) we found Timbercraft.  No other company builds (or even compares)  to the attention to detail, craftsmanship and genuine care of timbercraft.

Doug Schroeder, the owner, allowed us to visit upon one day request. He spent two hours answering all our questions. We immediately fell in love with his product . A true work of art.  When we walked into a model in his factory we knew immediately that it was a place we could call home. 

He and his team helped us create a unique travel home that we will use to travel around United States. He even created a ramp- patio deck that has never been done before. His first toy hauler. 

It is a showstopper everywhere we go and we spend many hours showing people our home. People cannot believe the beauty and detail of our Timbercraft home. 

We are currently at an RV park in Ellijay, GA and just left Allatoona Lake in Acworth, Ga. We feel like we are the Jones’s .

Doug and his team treated us with care and respect. They talked with us every step of the way, even sending me weekly picture updates. We share our experience everywhere we go. 

This is our forever home and one hundred percent believe no one builds homes like Doug Schroeder. 

Blessed, Brad and Stefanie W.

  • Through every step of the process, working with Timbercraft, was a joy! The designs are well thought out and the craftsmanship and the quality of the materials are second to none!! We absolutely love our Timbercraft Tiny Home!!

    Dave & Cydnie B
  • Amazing from start to finish! After meeting with several builders in different parts of the country, my wife and I were still on the fence about whether or not we wanted to take the next step and hire a builder to construct our Tiny House. We met Doug after seeing his ad online, we immediately drove up to see the house he was selling. Although the Tiny House he had available was not exactly what we were looking for, we knew instantly Doug Schroeder was a perfect fit for our family's plan.

    We asked Doug if he had a slot available to build a Tiny House within our budget. Luckily he was able to fit us in and came up with a design that fit us perfectly. Doug was completely engaged with us every step of the way. At each phase of the build he sent us pictures and videos of his progress, we never had to ask him for updates or worry if things were going according to plan. He made the entire presses stress and worry free. We arranged for our new Tiny House to be delivered to our property. When Doug had it on site we were completely in awe. The attention to detail was amazing, he built the house completely as we requested. After the grand tour my family and I started getting our things ready to move in. We have been living in our Tiny House for about 5 and a half months now and we are completely satisfied with Doug's work. We couldn't be happier! If you are thinking of having a Tiny House built I highly recommend working with Doug at Timbercraft Tiny Homes.

    Joseph M.
  • I absolutely love my tiny house!! It’s stunning. Everything is top quality from the wood floors to the quartz countertops! I researched living tiny for two years. I attended every “tiny house” festival I could find. All my research pointed to Timbercraft Tiny Houses. I went through one tiny Timbercraft home at the festival and I met Doug. I was impressed with their work then and now!! Every day I have a knock at my door. Someone wanting to go through my tiny. I happily agree and invite them in! I have the Denali XL version. Instead if a goose neck version my tiny is all on one level. It is so comfortable. I live in a tiny house community and several carpenters live here as well. They all have said “top quality work”! Nothing has been done half way. I can’t believe how many compliments I received. Give Timbercraft a call. You won’t be sorry!

    Barb T.
  • We did considerable research when choosing a company to build our tiny house, and we made a great decision in choosing Timbercraft to say the least. They were kind, diligent, and helpful from beginning to end and truly went above and beyond. They worked with us and kept us totally informed every step of the way from designing, to building, to delivery of our 35 foot custom tiny house. We couldn’t be happier with the service of Doug and his team. They provided ongoing consultation and even moral support throughout the process even after the house was delivered. They are truly experts in their craft and every detail of their work is outstanding. We truly believe that Timbercraft tiny homes is one of the best tiny house builders in the nation.

    Bigi L.
  • I hired Doug and the Timbercraft team to build the shell of my custom designed tiny home. To say they exceeded my expectations would be the understatement of the year. I fell in love with the whole team and Doug allowed me to film the entire build process to share on my YouTube channel. I saw first hand the extraordinary efforts Doug takes to “make it right” and build homes that will truly endure the elements and the road travel. We are in the final few days of finishing out the inside of the build and my confidence in their skills have only increased after spending many months completing what they started. Thank you guys so much for building a high-quality tiny house shell for my wife and I. What a rich blessing from God it was to work with you all! May God continue to bless the quality work of your hands!
     M Chriswell 
  • Doug and his team do superb work. Framing looked so good and tight I hated to see it covered with siding. Very high quality craftsmanship and fair pricing. Doug has a good sense of design and made several suggestions that greatly enhanced the final project. Most important, extremely honest and trustworthy.

    Art K.
  • I can’t say enough good things about Doug, the owner of Timbercraft Tiny homes. In so many ways he has helped my wife and I as we built our home! He’s the kind of guy that you could text or call a year later with a question and he would get back to you with an answer. Quality business!

    Steve R.
  • Doug made my dream come true. I wanted a lakefront getaway/retirement home and he made the whole process so easy and pleasant. Yes, I had many questions, and Doug always instantly answered them all. His attention to detail is amazing! Very highly recommend Robin A.

    Robin A.
  • I am very pleased to have taken this journey with Doug on creating My Tiny Home. The options were truly limitless. You can show your creativity in many ways. Doug will figure out a way to take your ideas and make them work in his designs. The cabinets are amazing! The craftsmanship is impressive. This house is built for life from the roof to the floors. I am excited to start my journey.
    Ticia A.
  • My wife and I recently bought 5 acres of mountain land in Northern California with the intent of installing a tiny home. After much research, my wife and I realized that Timbercraft, hands down, had the very best designed and well made tiny homes. I contacted Doug Schroeder and on my birthday, I put down a 40% deposit on a 39 foot Denali. Doug agreed to build for us. Doug was in constant contact with us, sent us photos showing the progress of the Denali, and was always available to discuss any concerns and requested modifications.

    After we were almost 80% completed and 80% paid, my wife and I then discovered we would not be able to get the permit to keep the Denali on our property. We were heartbroken.

    Rather than force us to take delivery, Doug was able to find a buyer for the almost finished Denali! Doug then returned 100% of the funds we put down! In all my life, I have never met such an honest, trustworthy, dependable person with total integrity as Doug! Not only is he a superb craftsman, he is a superb person. My wife and I are truly sorry we can’t have a Timbercraft tiny home on our property. But our disappointment is outweighed by the most positive experience we had with Doug. I recommend Doug and Timbercraft to anyone looking for a tiny home. I can promise you will not be disappointed.

    Todd S.
  • I had followed the development of tiny homes for almost 20 years; when Jay Shafer built a 112-square-foot home and traveled with it across the country, introducing what is now called the tiny home movement. Always having lived compact, even in large homes, my gut said that I would be happy with a tiny home. Those years of following the movement and its development completely online, took a fortuitous turn when I returned to my Northeast Alabama high school class reunion. Timbercraft Tiny Homes' website materialized; it was located in an adjoining town. I visited its location, met Doug Schroeder, and walked into my first tiny home. I was "at home." Fast forward four months - over two years into retirement - and the plan was set: Timbercraft would build me a tiny home and I would settle it back near my hometown. Doug responded to my list of "requirements to do this thing" unflinchingly. Family heirlooms were to fill the house with my life and my memories. Doug's first design of that accommodation is the one I am living in now. It is a 273 square foot (28x8.5 foot) cabin-of-a-home, exemplifying the quality of craftsmanship and attention to detail that I think makes Timbercraft an exceptional company to work with. Doug and his fine team built me a home, yes; but more, this home - now that it is settled on three wooded acres backed up by a creek - is a visible and aspirational lifestyle. That is the Timbercraft Tiny Homes difference. Lots of companies can build fine tiny homes; Timbercraft "crafts" a lifestyle.

    D. Hill
  • Doug Schroeder, owner of Timbercraft Tiny Homes, built us a beautiful, customized Tiny House and then delivered it to our Georgia mountain location! You have to see this home to appreciate it... with features like tongue and groove pine ceilings and walls, real hardwood floors, built-in cabinets, granite countertops, tile shower, stainless steel appliances, washer dryer combo, etc. He came up with a genius design for our bedroom, with built in dresser, closet, & shelves as well as queen bed with storage & drawers underneath, and positioned it all to maximize our space in the stand-up master bedroom. He also built us two lofts connected by a bridge with rails. This home is top quality. Doug is an honest, dependable, & accommodating person, who will treat you fairly.

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