The Tiny Town Association is looking to establish “Tiny Towns” across Canada to provide legal places for THOWs to live

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Check out the Tiny Town Association! What a great mission!

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Some of the first adopters of the Tiny House concept are the Millenial generation. These are singles and couples with post-secondary education, carry heavy tuition debt, but have budding careers. Without the accumulation of a lifetime of stuff, Millenials are gravitating to the simplistic lifestyle that Tiny Homes require.

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Baby Boomers that are now empty nesters or widow(er)s are beginning to view Tiny Homes as a retirement option. With a desire to eliminate a lot of the stuff in their lives now that their children have moved on, along with the attraction of living expenses that can better fit a fixed income, Boomers are seeing Tiny Homes as a potential next step.

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Many communities are realizing that Tiny Houses can provide transitional housing for those that are currently supported by the community through social programs. Tiny Houses can be an affordable way for communities to help less fortunate people transittion, while ensuring that these members of their society have their own space, out of the elements.

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