These treehouse tiny homes were inspired by Sesame Street and Minions

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Tiny homes are fashionable right now, but the Bert modular home isn’t like other tiny homes on the market.

In general, they tend to have minimalistsleek looks, but this treehouse is oddly-shaped and almost whimsical.

Bert homes are “shaped by playfulness and invite people to experience architecture and nature through the eyes of children,” according to the press release. The homes were designed by Austrian architecture studio Precht, in collaboration with Baumbau, a startup that specializes in tiny homes and treehouses.

The designers talked about how architecture has turned toward buildings that are easy to construct and profitable, but “lazy and boring,” making cities across the world look the same. With Bert, they hope to buck this trend and show that modern, sustainable architecture can also be fun and interesting.

The first Bert structures will go on sale in spring 2020, and they start at €120,000 (about $130,00) with the option to add on more modules. The companies plan to announce further collaborations on more unique buildings soon.


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