Timbercraft ships to Europe!

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Last December we shipped a Timbercraft Denali XL to Luxembourg!

We have tiny homes all over the United States from northern Maine to southern Florida, Arizona to Washington and all over between. We have gotten several inquiries about international shipping but this is the first time it actually came to pass! We couldn’t be more excited about a presence in the European market. The shipping went off without a hitch thanks to Sims, Waters & Associates in Jacksonville, FL.

The tiny home was loaded inside a large auto liner by Hoegh Autoliners. Their operation is impressive to say the least! These are the guys responsible for bringing all the European luxury cars like Mercedes, BMW across the ocean. The lot was full of thousands of brand new cars that had just been unloaded. These ships have 14 decks and look just like a huge parking garage inside.


They also transport a wide variety of machinery, boats, trucks, trains, buses, and equipment all over the world.

Contact us about any shipping questions you have. We would love to see what we can do for you!

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