What are the deposit/payment terms?


Timbercraft requires a $1,000 deposit to join the design/build wait list. The design process begins about 3-4 months ahead of the start of the build. We’ll begin by sending you the base plans for the home for review as well as digital catalogs for the options. You can look everything over and make your selections. Then, based on your design and preferences, you’ll receive a quote for your home with the upgrades or reductions that you choose. Once you approve the design and the quote, we are ready to start building!

The payment terms are:

  1. 40% down,
  2. 40% at the shell stage and
  3. 20% at final minus the initial $1,000 deposit.

However, due to continued supply chain issues and longer lead times, we often bill for a 10% window deposit a bit earlier in order to get the windows ordered in time. If this is the case, you would be billed for 30% once the home goes online.

We accept cashiers check, cash, credit cards and PayPal. Some fees apply for electronic payments.

Contact us for more information regarding finance builds.

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